Help keep REAL walkthroughs alive on Youtube. Read about Skyrim Thieves Guild Walkthrough 5 : Speaking with Silence , Mercer Frey , Karliah . Mercer Frey uses invisibility spells/scrolls/potions while you're engaged in close combat. I tried reloading a save, but it keeps happening. Trinity Restored: Become one of the Nightingales, Nocturnal's guardians. 0. † The Pursuit: Break into Mercer Frey's house and search for clues. Location: Riften NPC: Mercer Frey (The Ragged Flagon - Cistern) REWARD. Darkness Returns: Walk the Pilgrim's Path and return the Skeleton Key to its rightful place. Before we begin, I would like to make one thing evident: 8tracks radio. I have Mercey Frey following me around.. Showing 4 items Objectives Journal Entry; Sort Sort Objectives Journal Entry; Meet Mercer … Your destination is quite far to the north - somewhere between Windhelm and Winterhold. Here's how to create a Skyrim pure thief build from scratch on Legendary difficulty. Mercy Frey is supposed to open that door, but he will not. Speaking With Silence: Track down the Dunmer behind the Guild's misfortunes. Hey, So I'm doing the Speaking with Silence quest for the thieve's guild, and I don't have the key for the snow veil sanctum. Gamebreaking glitch in "Speaking With Silence", help please. Mercer Fray is also still inside the thieves quild. Together, Mercer and I intend to hunt her down and make her pay for Gallus's murder. I'm on a PS3 by the way. is there any way to fix this? Mercer Frey will meet you outside the sanctum, and he'll begin following you. Objective. Edited with small revisions 11/11/2019. I'm an currently in Snow Veil Sanctum and I'm having trouble finishing the Speaking with Silence quest. Snow Veil Sanctum; The Ragged Flagon; Walkthrough []. Mercer Frey and “Speaking with Silence” [spolier] I’m currently on my second play through of Skyrim (now that I have all DLCs!) ~~~~~ Athia felt that Mercer would be pissed when she came back. The Thieves Guild Leader is very concerned with the recent events - without a doubt, someone is trying to destroy his organization. Speaking With Silence is a Quest in Skyrim. have tried mod free, different saves, waiting, sleeping, fast travel, etc. I jumped two feet into the air at the sudden sound of his voice. Mercer Frey vs Santa Claus is the twentieth installment of Alanomaly Rap Battles. Description. The man keeps attacking me when I reach the claw door. Brynjolf reminds you NOT to kill Gulum-Ei, and this is important advice regarding later dealings with the Thieves Guild. User Info: CenoAka24. by HDRUSKYBOOM and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Quest Stages - TG05 (Speaking With Silence) Stage: Objective: 10: Meet Mercer Frey outside Snow Veil Sanctum: I'm on my way to meet Mercer Frey at the ruins of Snow Veil Sanctum, Karliah's last known location. Speaking With Silence: Track down the Dunmer behind the Guild's misfortunes. I waited and I've tried saving and reloading. Life is a journey. He just stands there and has only one dialogue option.Since he won't open the door, I cannot finish the Thieves Guild, … and am completing the mission where you meet Karliah. Mercer is supposed to open the door. Speaking With Silence. Mercer Frey is the Breton leader of the Thieves Guild in Riften and the primary antagonist of the Thieves Guild questline. However, itt has been several weeks and i finally decided I wanted to progress in the Thieve's Guild questline. I attempted the "speaking with silence" quest on Skyrim where you go with Mercer Frey to open Snow Veil Sanctum. Answer Save. Hard Answers: Help translate Gallus's journal. PREVIOUS QUEST Scoundrel's Folly NEXT QUEST Hard Answers Journal Entry is verbatim to in-game journal unless indicated by a/n (author's note). nmongoose - 9 years ago. Unfortunately, I cannot complete it because the person that I must speak to won't stop swimming around aimlessly in the waters of the final room. Speaking with Silence 2.9K 118 ... Mercer Frey, I swear to the Nine that if this is a wild goose chase, I will personally take you to Ancient's Ascent and feed you to the dovah, I thought crossly. Speaking with Silence TES V: Skyrim Guide. He took over the guild after Karliah murdered the previous master, Gallus Desidenius. He won't open the door, I have tried everything, and I have looked for many solutions on many websites, but nothing I do or try will get him to continue the quest by unlocking the door. Continue to the next large area where you saw Mercer earlier. Speak with Brynjolf again then head to Solitude. He grinned toothily at my dismay. He follows me around for other quests and ruins my Game!!! - stream 19 thieves guild playlists including skyrim, the elder scrolls, and mercer frey music from your desktop or mobile device. So first Mercer Frey just stands at the puzzle door for around 10 minutes. Speaking With Silence Bug - posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: In the Thieves Guild quest, Speaking With Silence, I have encountered a game-breaking bug.Towards the very end I have gotten to a Dragon Claw Door. I'm on my way to meet Mercer Frey at the ruins of Snow Veil Sanctum, Karliah's last known location. New main objective: Meet Mercer Frey outside of Snow Veil Sanctum. NOTES (OR RAMBLES) I knew Mercer cannot be trusted. Mercer frey won't open the puzzle door - posted in General Skyrim Discussion: Speaking with silence Mercer frey wont open the puzzle door.i havent e saved game.Please help me:( Mercer may not unlock the Nordic puzzle door with the dragon claw lock. Meet Mercer Frey outside Snow Veil Sanctum Enter Snow Veil Sanctum; Find Karliah; Speak to Karliah; Walkthrough . After you have successfully completed Taking Care of Business, Brynjolf will lead you into the Cistern to speak with the Thieves Guild guildmaster, Mercer Frey. I'm on ps3. Mercer Frey battled Santa Claus in Mercer Frey vs Santa Claus. So i go outside and go make my follower wait somewhere far away because i heard it can glitch this part of the quest, so i go back into Snow Veil Sanctium, and now he won't even acknowledge the door. "Good, you're finally here." When you go into the Snow Veil Sanctum, he aggroes just about everything and constantly shouts, "I've killed legions like you" but he can't even handle a single Deathlord on his own. 4 years ago. This mission involves entering Irkngthand to confront Mercer Frey, the Thieves' Guild leader on the lam. i cant walk past the first pillar after going down the stairs (any direction/speed)- it freezes have to force quit. Hi guys. I just go into stealth so they don't aggro to me when he goes down and laugh at his pathetic efforts to kill anything that moves. MikePenance 8 years ago #2. Together, Mercer and I intend to hunt her down and make her pay for Gallus's murder.