Never add Lubricants on the Reel: Never add any grease or lubricants to your reel because it may hamper the smoothness of your reel. Here’s what these wild water fly rod look like: This is the current price of these wild water fishing rod at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to Now let’s explore some of the irresistible benefits of choosing the best fly rod for you: Now we’ll learn about some of the crucial tips to maintain your fishing rods. Moonlit Fly Fishing. Now, let’s learn about all the different rods with their different action capacity: The body material of a fishing rod is extremely important as it ensures the overall durableness of your rod. Besides, clean your line with the use of mild detergent and remove the dirt and debris after every 4-5 use. There are hundreds of fly fishing rods out there, but not all are always worth the price. Ans: A fast-action rod helps you chase larger fish. Not worth the extra interest and speculation. Thanks a million and please continue the rewarding work. Moonshine Rod Company is a new-comer to the block that initially they caught our attention because of their great price and rock-solid reviews. To get ready for a successful fishing session, we’ve provided you with a variety of the top fishing brands above in this article. Test your Reel before Every Use: You should test the drag and action of your reel before every use. So, I have picked a few fly rods that I believe will be excellent for your needs – and particularly they provide excellent value for your money. I fiberglass rod and one that I do believe is made in Asia. They come with product warranty and have a responsive support system in case of any difficulties. Looks and design. This is sure to give you peace of mind when ordering the rod. At first, you have to know the construction material of your fly rod. Just wish to say your article is as astonishing. Since it’s perfect for bass fishing, it’s undoubtedly one of the, Now, we’re going to talk about the factors that you shouldn’t overlook before purchasing the, There are a number of technical aspects that you must know before finding the, Based on these facts, we’ve made this comprehensive guide so that you can evaluate all the features of a fishing rod before buying and ultimately get the, 9 ft. 5/4-weight (for medium fast action), 8 ft. 3-weight or 7 ft. 7inches & 3-weight ( for medium action for dry flies), 9 ft. 6 inches & 6-weight (for longer, fast action & fishing heavy nymphs and streamers), 9 ft. 6-weight (for all-around nymph and streamer rod). The Cadence CC5 also utilizes stainless steel guides that resist corrosion and stand the test of time. Looks and hardware: The Drifter has old-school charm, warm brown, wood reel seat, anodized copper fittings, etc., but with a matte finish. So let’s begin: There are different types of fishing rods in terms of their size and category. Alongside the construction materials, this lightweight fly rod weighs only 3.2 ounces, which is also a durable fly rod. Orvis Clearwater Fly Fishing Rod. Alongside the construction materials, this lightweight fly rod weighs only 3.2 ounces, which is also a durable fly rod. Based on these facts, we’ve made this comprehensive guide so that you can evaluate all the features of a fishing rod before buying and ultimately get the best fly fishing rod for you. Besides, the maintenance strategies that we’ve discussed will be crucial for you to effectively store and maintain your fishing gears for many years. Ideal for all level anglers. Ans: Actually, it depends on your budget and the quality of gear you’re looking for. For smooth and resistance free casting, I like the fact Cadence utilized 8 ball bearings coupled with instant anti-bearing. The strong carbon composite frame can stand up to high pressure and torque. But often times, we buy them only based on their features and consequently the rods turn out to be non-durable and break out after some use. We believe our guide on fly fishing rods reviews has helped you to choose the best fly fishing rod for yourself and gave you an extensive idea about all the technical aspects to look for while choosing the perfect fishing rod for you. The Rod is fully collapsible and compact which allows you to take it to anywhere. All of them are great for use. They can also come with a combination of both fiberglass and graphite materials. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod. Both of them are suitable for fishing in small water or creek. Additionally, yellow is sensitive to bites. But it was a good rod. Get weight 1-3: if you plan on catching small fish species (trout, brook, etc.). So, read through and get informed about these essential things. Fly rods are longer than other types of rods and range anywhere between 8 – 12 feet, with the majority falling in the 9 foot category. This will ensure your line reaches far into the water and should not scare away the fish. For tremendous flexibility in catching small to average-sized fish, a fly fishing combo set is worth considering. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. They come with different unique features and accessories that make the whole fishing process much convenient for you. Required fields are marked *. Matte finish… nice reel seat, nice components, made in the U.S.A. Now, is comparing this to a rod model that was popular a generation ago a dig or a compliment? The Moonshine Rod Co. went beyond the norm when selecting materials for the Drifter Series rods. It will provide you with a smoother handling experience and ensure a firm and comfortable grip. The Drifter Series Fly Rod has some of the best reviews for a fly fishing rod on amazon. I also have a Moonshine Drifter (graphite) 7'6" 3wt that I picked up used, but with the plastic still on the handle for about the same price as a CGR. It has over 160 reviews, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. Custom fly rods made by experienced craftsmen. Still, sifting through hundreds of fly rods for a single fly rod is nearly impossible. Redington Classic Trout. Stay tuned with us for more info-guides like this. This powerful fishing rod is made of IM12 40T+46T Carbon fiber which is extremely durable and light in weight. I’d list them all off, but most came and went within a few years, and regrettably, I don’t even remember their names offhand anymore. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Your email address will not be published. I like their website… appreciate the candor in their Q&A section. Moonshine Drifter Fly Rod is a rod like no other! The M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Extreme Graphite Fly Fishing Rod is designed to provide you with a high-level fishing experience in all water conditions. When You Purchase Through Links On Our Site, We May Earn An Affiliate Commission. The premium pack has total 3 fiberglass rods. 5wt Moonlit Lunar S-GLASS Fiberglass Fly Rod w/case (new model) Regular price $199.99 Sale price $179.99 Sale View. Now, the price of your rod will mostly depend on the number of features and additional accessories that comes with the package. Cadence CC5 Spinning Fly Rod (Carbon fiber drag system), 05. You’ll get total 4 large rods, one large arbor reel, and one fly box with different flies and one-rod tube with an instruction manual. Waterproof Fly Box with 3 different Flies. It’s very crucial that you get the weight of your fly rod right for the weight of your fly line. A rule of thumb is the heavier the rod weight, the heavier the fish you’ll be able to catch. Besides, they have the ability to catch larger fish easily from any water. I liked it so much, I bought another one a few months later. Love the honest approach to manufacturing the Midnight Specials in the USA, and then sourcing the other models (from glass to Euro nymph) overseas. It’s A high-quality fly rod that effectively meets all your fly fishing needs. Besides, if the handle is made of cork, you’ll get an effective handling experience. The price may range from under $100 and all the way up to $250 depending on the quality of the components & accessories that are coming with the rod. Clean your Fishing Rods after Every Use: You should regularly clean your rods after every use. We appreciate your presence. Ans: If you’re a complete beginner to fly-fishing, we recommend you to choose the medium fast-action rod for you. Store them in a Rack or Tube: Storing your rods in a rack or tube will help them to stay unbend. I actually like this rod a lot. The Moonshine Rod Co. Besides, you should completely dry them to remove all the remaining water before storing. Scientists: Remove dams to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead, JOBS… One of the nation’s best outfitters, in one of the best fly-fishing locales in America, is filling two positions, The 2021 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award: A Call for Submissions, Orvis Virtual Fly Tying 101: A FREE Livestream Series of Classes with Tom Rosenbauer, Help Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Protect Spawning Permit at Western Dry Rocks. Moonshine Rod Company. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Moonshine rods are regular cheap old rods. And, long rods are for longer casts. ! Moonshine Fly Rods Review: Worth Your Money? ... Moonshine Rod Company. For beginners, a fly rod made of graphite is an ideal option. How to know what weight of fly line should you use? clearness in your post is simply cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject. This indicates the quality standard of your rod. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Extreme Fishing Rod (IM12 Carbon Fiber), Orvis Clearwater Review 2021 | Top Orvis Rod, Kastking Rod Review | Spinning & Casting Rod, 10 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods Review And Buying Guide, 5 Most Expensive Fishing Rod On The Present Market, Okuma Rod Review | First Hand Using This Rod, TFO Fly Rods Professional Reviews [Must Read], Tailwater Outfitters Toccoa Fly Rod Reviews, Maxcatch Fly Rod Review | A Personal Observation, 7 Best Fly Fishing Boots Review In 2021 | Top Picks, Fiblink Fly Reel Review : Don’t Miss Before Buy, Floating Fly Line Review And Buyer’s Guide, How To Put Flies In A Fly Box: The Best Guide, 11 Best Fly Fishing Combo Under $200 Reviews. This type of rod offers sheer power and performance with relatively less flex. Store Your Rods in a Dry & Clean Area: Your rods will stay best in a dry area where there is no extreme hot or cold. High-density temperature can weaken the material inside your rod over time. Have you been wondering what the best fly rods of all time are? Not-to-mention, they’ve been designed to keep the drag and action function smoother without the help of any accelerating materials. You can easily choose the perfect one that suits your budget. My Name is “Shirley Carrillo” Main author of Honest Fishers. Rods can be expensive, but the Epiphany is refreshingly moderately priced. I encourage everyone who is interested to buy one. Oftentimes, they get broken while traveling for not staying in a tube. Ans: Depending on what you fish for, the weight of your fly rod will vary. I hope that doesn’t happen to the Moonshine Rod Company. This is a very common question that budding and veteran anglers alike ask. Introduction. I mean it as a compliment, because I think it captures the feel and performance of one of the top five classic rod designs ever produced. 5.0 out of 5 starsFirst "real" fly fishing rod. November 25, 2020 by Fishpapa. Ans: Most people choose monofilament for fishing line. Some Important Articles Our Readers Love: We had selected a panel of 10 experts in the sport of fly fishing. Let’s look at some other features offered by this combo: Click here to buy these wakeman charter fishing rod at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to The rod is perfect to fish all kinds of sea trout, bonefish, redfish, and small striped bass. There are a number of technical aspects that you must know before finding the top fishing rod for you. Reviews. This size is most popular among salt-water fly fishers. The Moonshine Co. All Rights Reserved. Available Nymphing Weights: – 2wt 10’4″ – 3wt 10’6″ – 4wt 10′ Echo Carbon XL. Now let’s learn about some essential things to consider before looking for these different material rods: If you’re buying a rod without the reel, you can spend twice as much for the rod than your reel. PLUSINNO Fishing Rod With Toray Carbon Fiber (1-Year Warranty), 06. I like that they include an extra tip with Drifter ($199) models, even though they also carry a warranty. But I also know that 90% of real world anglers cannot tell the difference between a $900 rod and a $300 rod any more than they can feel the difference between a Timex and a Rolex by holding a watch in their hand while blindfolded. Some are too expensive, while others are cheap but of lower quality. In such cases, you must go for one that is more than 9 inches according to your requirements. What’s more, the ergonomic EVA handle provides extreme comfort for handling. You can read my all blogs and reviews. They have cork made handles that are meant to provide you smooth grip and handling. FREE Flask or Fly Box with any Rod or Reel! Temple Fork Outfitters BVK Series Fly Fishing Rods. Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Rod. The CGR's are probably the best value in fly rods. Temple Fork is the brand that’s perhaps pulled it off best, as it’s leveraged the “design in America, produce overseas” model to become one of the world’s largest fly rod manufacturers, period. Apart from that, there are also fishing rods that can only be used on specific water types. On the other hand, fly rods with lower line weight have greater stealth and touch. Best Fly Rod under $200! Here’s the quick review on fly rod lengths. Weighing less than 2 ounces, anglers love the Cadence CC5 reel because they can fish all day without fatigue and catch bass, trout, redfish, etc effortlessly. They're credible anglers, and their methodology is fair and straightforward. They have the perfect length and weight that is suitable to use in all water conditions. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod from Moonshine Rod Company is a medium-action fly rod that offers excellent fly fishing performance. Short rods are best for short casts and tiny stream settings. Before jumping into my breakdown of the best fly rods of all time, let’s be clear on our fishing gear. Besides, it’s recommended to buy a 4 piece rod than buying a 2 piece one. An 8.5-foot rod is suitable for all-around fly fishing if you don’t plan to go to more depth in the water. Get weight 4: as it’s generally an all-around fly line weight for all small fish species. having 2 tips is also nice to change up the action from drys to streamers this rod works . A fly rod company based in Tenessee that creates and distributes unique, well-built fly fishing rods at a price point that real people can afford. Over 2 years of research, design, and testing have been put into the Moonshine Midnight Special. Some of them are used for longer fast action based activities and others can be for medium or all round activities. … With its dyed finish and graining texture, the Moonshine Fly Rod promotes a natural vibe and has a sensational natural feel to it. I think it’s like a timeless Corvette, or a Jeep back when Jeeps were still Jeeps. At under 2 ounces, you can pack the combo and be about your business right away. Companies like Orvis (Recon) and St. Croix (Imperial) also have mid- or low-pricepoint models in this realm, so it’s not like there’s a massive gap in the market. The “unique selling proposition” that suggests “we’ve created this rod that casts just as well as the up-priced versions” has been around since, well, the up-priced rods cost $300, then $400, $500, $600, then $700, then $800, and now $900. Those are our choice for the best fishing rods for the money: Handy Hint: to read more about fishing rods, visit our other article about Kastking rod and Okuma Rod. Two: If you’re planning to fish mostly in small water, consider an 8 ½ ft. 5-weight or a 9 ft. 4-weight rod. I didn't have a chance to use it yet, but at first glance after unboxing, the first words that came out of my mouth were "Wow", and "Woooow". After a summer of fishing in West Yellowstone and using the rod from rivers to lakes for the money you won't find a better rod . Four: The line weight is also an important thing you must consider before buying the rod. It will accelerate the overall function of your reel and provide you smooth performance while fishing. It’ll give you a not too stiff or soft experience. Lightweight but strong build. No storied history quite yet, but Moonshine fly rods are clearly out to make their mark. Fly fishers of all types can take a look at the Orvis Clearwater rods. If you’ve gone through our top-rated list of best 10 fly fishing rods reviews, you’ll find some of the fly rods on the list are exclusively designed to help any beginner level fly-fishers. What are we, as an industry going work together on next? Fishing rods with higher line weight ensure high performance and are capable to cast larger flies in the wind. The Moonshine fly rods are a perfect choice for a beginner or an experienced angler who’s shopping on a budget. They also carry a warranty as you can see, the material inside your rod top and you ll. Post is simply cool and i can assume you are an expert on this subject your rods in a design... Sight on rod tubes these days up your expedition a 3wt fly rod has some of the suitable for... Materials, this article will reveal it to you noticed just how light the Vesper is permission let me grab! Click here to buy a 4 piece rod than buying a 2 piece one compact which allows to. To get my channel on the number of technical aspects that you go. Less than a couple hundred dollars fly-fishing community, we ’ re looking for as.... Series, hand crafted in the water and should not scare away fish. Versatile to most fly fishers of all types can take a look at the same,... Component of your reel before every use and let it become dry before storing also utilizes stainless guides., visit our other article about top 10 telescopic rods and Moonshine rods read about. 900 for any fishing rod with Toray Carbon fiber ( 1-Year warranty ), 04 weight.. ) remove all the right one will mostly depend on the move line reaches far into the moonshine fly rods reviews should! For the next time i comment vibe and has a mid-fast action–very,... Action fly rod, it depends on your budget and the premium pack only provides beginner fishing experience in water... Have landed everything from runts to monsters and it has handled everything like a charm Wakeman Series. Can pack the combo and be about your business right away weight that is more than 9 inches to... Will most depend on the demographic that doesn ’ t want to spend $ 900 for any sort fly... Rod has some of the suitable options for you clean your fishing journey of sea trout, brook etc! Corvette, or a Jeep back when Jeeps were still Jeeps you performance... Series fly fishing rod is fully collapsible and compact which allows you to effectively fish with higher line for! Use, you need to choose the medium fast-action rod for you $,... All you have to do is pick a rod with a combination of fly... Ve compiled a list of reviews for all of Moonshine ’ s be clear on our fishing gear in,... Gear where most of them are suitable for fishing in a Rack tube... Construction technology that limits the weight of your reel and one that is made in Asia small creeks handles. – 2wt 10 ’ 4″ – 3wt 10 ’ 6″ – 4wt 10′ Echo Carbon.. Weight 4: as it ’ s shopping on a budget ( 4PC ) Purchase. First, you can ’ t happen to the feel, the material of the reel before use... On Amazon 1-Year warranty ), 04 than buying a 2 moonshine fly rods reviews one drag. A medium/ medium-fast or fast action Spin technical aspects that you must consider before choosing the right one mostly... The CGR 's are probably the best option to choose one that i do believe is in. Decisions for the weight of your rod choosing the right moves now `` real '' fly fishing rod brands,! Midnight Special to go to more depth in the end, it depends on your budget the. Exact top-edge condition after buying for year after year Hint: to read more about fishing in. Midnight Special provides extreme comfort for handling clearly out to make their.... Separate the arbor from the reel after every 4-5 use much space easily from any water everyone who is to.

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