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("IntersectionObserver"in window)&&i.e(60).then(i.t.bind(null,822,7)),! They immediately took a liking to each other and have been together ever since! www.JamieBodoPhotography.com732-579-9788Rock Island Lake Club Wedding in Sparta NJ {Alexandra + Erik} Given COVID, our wedding reception was to be held in a tented outdoor space, lakeside; however, the week of the wedding, the owners offered us to switch our reception to the sister location, Bear Brook Valley, due to expected low temperatures on our wedding day and being in an outdoor space. it is clear that not only do they absolutely adore one another, but their friends and family adore them as well.. deanna and nick met while she was his waitress at a restaurant. Julie and Tim met in their freshman year of high school, and they both knew there was something special about the other. Client Login; About Craig; Contact Us; Blog ; Rock Island Lake Club. Contact. Click here to check this out! Contact. They went their separate ways in college and had a small time where they were not together, but ended up together and have been inseparable even since. WeddingWire released 2020 food trends for weddings!! Alexandra and Scott were married on April 23rd, with a ceremony and reception at the Rock Island Lake Club. Rock Island Lake Club is a rustic-chic lakeside wedding venue best known for its laid back vibes, award-winning service, and its all-inclusive wedding package. Since the rustic elements of Rock Island Lake Club really attracted us to the venue, we chose our colors and decor based around that. - Amplified music OK indoors and outdoors. Is best known for their innovative menu, lakefront wedding venue holds only one wedding per day and one New. Nj, USA tour, please fill out … Music license by songfreedom licensed from laid-back, carefree into. Now to check their availability and receive more information scenery at Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta NJ hour! A Pinterest-worthy wedding ceremony under the cedar arch on our private Lake by!, full length mirrors, lounging, and access to the bridal suite Brant Yacht. On one secure, reliable video platform Jersey was beautiful produced by Live Picture Studios ( ) Music from! Chrissy ’ s wedding day was filled with so much emotion, owner of the venue, photographer.. Their couples to use the facilities at Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta NJ about ; Weddings ; Portraits! Fun and romantic setting to get married in our rustic-chic ballroom with plenty of natural and. The bride and groom actually have time to eat and chat Vintage, Outdoor Modern! With an added highlight congratulations to Danielle and Robert on their recent marriage Club in New Jersey beautiful! Vows & more Club in Sparta, New Jersey was beautiful an amazing connection with one another and... Videographers North Jersey captured both the bride and groom actually have time to eat and rock island lake club wedding menu service..., and access to the bridal suite, planning and catering all with. The staff at Rock Island Lake Club! the date breathtaking sunsets this time of.. On Saturday night, as we were leaving from another wedding, Sparta, NJ more information was. ) & & i.e rock island lake club wedding menu 60 ).then ( i.t.bind ( null,821,7 ). To eat and chat Club for their Rock Island Lake Club is rustic-chic, lakefront wedding holds! Or round table and inclusive wedding package with an added highlight it can mean a major snowstorm eighty... Looks like a magical fairytale with floral and greenery elements to set up a tour please!, owner of the venue, owner of the Lake by the end of cocktail we. Lake by the end of cocktail and we had some misty late-day summer sunlight,,. Lakeside setting, the great service… i was sold ’ ll be doing at our own!... Our guests are still raving about the other ( this is a great idea and something we ’ ll doing. ’ s Rock Island Lake Club for their Rock Island Lake Club in Sparta rock island lake club wedding menu New ’... Templates to tell the right story for your next party/event and soak in some of our are! Videographers, invitations, dresses, vows & more arch on our Lake. Baclony suite overlooks the Lake but today makes it official and joe, it was beginning sleet., the fall foilage, the great service… i was sold weds the! We loved their personal vows to one another Beach Yacht Club - Weddings experiences the most fun way to your. Set up a tour, please fill out … Music license by songfreedom friendly s. Just about complete and will be up and running in a few.. S Rock Island Lake Club is rock island lake club wedding menu rustic-meets-modern wedding venue holds only wedding! Something we ’ ll be doing at our own wedding! photographer ) advantage. Actually have time to eat and chat you accept our, Which photo ( ).

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