Just because you grind through 1500 cards a day doesn't mean you're remembering. The Duke data is similar. I'd suggest doing a pass through a Duke chapter first, then browsing through Zanki and suspending everything you remember seeing in Duke. The school’s mission is aimed at producing outstanding leaders in medical research, education, and patient care. This way, Zanki can serve as a quick way to pick up minutiae, and Duke can help you drill the basics with more depth and speed (with practice). I’d like to start off, perhaps disappointingly, by saying that there is no correct way to write a personal statement. Oh wow thanks bro! Duke-NUS is the first medical school in Singapore to follow a graduate-entry medicine model, whereby all students are at a minimum required to have a bachelor’s degree. Or tell us how we could do it? And then I do them for real, annotating them with memory hooks I make up on the fly. Okay just to be clear, I'm just the crappy illustrator. At Duke, the future of pathology lies in AI. Why Duke: The Duke … S/o to u/DukeOfBaggery for the incredible Pathoma deck. Take ownership of the cards and change the memory hooks or pics to things you're used to. Formerly known as the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program at Duke, the Institute is in its 19th year of preparing young scholars to apply to medical school. Most people assume that premeds are cut throat at Duke, but I never had an issue. Q: "Self reactive T lymphocytes can develop tolerance..." A: "Peripheral tolerance (in the bone)..." is wrong, can just be replaced with "outside the thymus", 2.) But the only big con I would say is the tuition. Hence, I tried to include as many captions as possible, which are often quite educational in themselves. I have done my research and I had kida decided to use duke as my main deck throughout my preclinical. I tried to do this for as many I had time for. Yeah they're all tagged by chapter, so just filter (shortcut: f) and type in tag:[insert tag here], and increase the card count from 100 to 1000 to get everything. this is an underrated deck. ), Langman's Embryology, Clinically Oriented Anatomy, Parham/Janeway (images look the same, I forget which), High-Yield Neuroanatomy, BRS Physiology, First Aid 2017, Sketchy Micro/Pharm, Guyton and Hall, and radiopaedia.org, with a smattering of pics from less-reliable places when the abovementioned sources didn't have anything (rare). Duke Medical School | 54 followers on LinkedIn. Jul 22, 2017 45 111 Status. Giving. 2019-2020 Med School Impressions Thread. Duke-NUS Medical School; Education; Our Programmes; MD; Course Description; Clerkship; In their first clinical year, our students learn the fundamentals of patient care such as establishing rapport, respect and trust, and develop their clinical skills in history taking, physical exam and management of patients. I didn't change the "answer" to the cards as much as add additional tidbits to existing cards underneath. It's like maybe 95% coverage, but teaches you to apply the basics taught in chapters 1-3 to the rest of the chapters, and to make connections between chapters. So you can do a wilderness rotation at another medical school. Please check with the event sponsor regarding event status. I added some shamefully stupid memory tips here and there, but they're below the primary facts and usually italicized. 2019-2020 TMDSAS Rank List Thread New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the medicalschoolanki community, Press J to jump to the feed. My idea of a "perfect" pathology card includes a gross image, a radiograph/ultrasound image, and a histology image so that you can appreciate various facets of the disease at a glance. It looks like you're using Internet Explorer 11 or older. snippets from UWorld explanations (not questions) that I might not have taken out, so apologies for the minor spoilers. 123. Despite my fear, I've also done some Zanki (wish I had more time), and found the Duke deck redundant with most cards in some form or another; I think they complement each other quite well, such that one can use Duke as "core knowledge" and suspend everything in Zanki that is redundant. The Duke Family Medicine Residency is a unique program designed to train leaders, innovators, and advocates in the field of family medicine. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. January 14, 2021. Main sources in bold; listed all of the sources (that I remember) in case anyone eventually wants to go back to read for context. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Big Robbins surprisingly had a good mnemonic for hepatitis viruses that I straight up copied. Medical School: Duke University Fellowship Plans: Neuropathology Career Goals: Academic Neuropathology Hobbies and Interests: The most important thing to me is playing outside with my two pre-school age kids. The school was set up in April 2005 as the Duke–NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore's second medical school, after the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, and before the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine. Bursar Tuition and Fees Refund Policy . I never thought about changing pre-made decks, and always used them as given or not at all. However, the fourth year is elective at most schools, and there is a TON of elective time in Duke's fourth year compared to medical schools where some of my friends are located. Everybody is very supportive of each other and I can not be more happy that I went to Duke to receive my undergraduate education. For information about classes and activities in the PhD programs during COVID-19, Please visit He completed his first 2 years in the MD programme and is about to begin his PhD research abroad, in Duke University, Durham, NC. Another thing that throws me off is when people share images that lack captions because I, for one, have trouble 'reading' most images without being babied through them; also, I find that captions lend credibility because images taken out of context on a google search might be 'wrong'. Topics and cases are selected to provide faculty and trainees with up-to-date knowledge about timely issues in internal medicine. 2+ Year Member. Obviously, my experience … As such, I have some personal experience with Yale-NUS and have spoken to faculty about Duke-NUS. For information about classes and activities in the Health Education Programs during COVID-19, please visit the program sites listed below. yeah fershure, you can filter by chapter: see previous post. Yoooooo, I dunno how I missed this 3 months ago but kudos dude, your additions are siick. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Q: "How does diabetic ketoacidosis present?" MedSchool Blog News & Announcements. Presenter details Faculty presenters and invited speakers to Medicine Our foundation is built upon high quality clinical education, with residents rotating in a variety of practice settings. yeah i don't understand why they're so aggressively advertising to US applicants. I'm about 500 cards into the original duke deck. On average, medical school tuition, fees, and health insurance during the 2019-2020 academic year ranges from $37,556 (public, in-state) to $62,194 (public, out-of-state). share. anaminmasar. both you and zanki used pathoma for pathology but zanki has about 8500 cards while this deck is at 2000 why is there such a huge difference in the number of cards does duke not cover all of pathoma? Thank you for your input! Reply. I've found that having fewer, more "dense" flashcards helps review things quickly. General thoughts: Overall a fantastic, beautiful medical school. and actual recall is what builds your memory. This process in itself might also be a quick review of material. However, I have been genuinely considering the program as a backup in case I don't get into US programs as: I can speak both Chinese and the local Cantonese dialects. Will your deck update the original cards so that I still keep my schedules for those 500 cards or do I have to start all over? Credit for the solid content goes to Duke. Share this story on reddit; Share this story on linkedin; Get this story's permalink; Print this story; By Duke Today Staff. One of my pet peeves has been seeing random histo or imaging crap and having no idea what it is. Established in 1930, Duke University School of Medicine is the youngest of the nation’s top medical schools. "What are the letters to the alphabet? There are also a good number of things that probably belong in r/uselessredcircle. Recurrent GBM brain tumors with few mutations respond best to immunotherapy. Scholars from our program have for the past sixteen years enrolled in medical schools (including Duke University School of Medicine), PhD programs, nursing schools, global health, physician assistant, schools of law, and MPH programs. I tried to remove as many as I could find. So thank you so much. Last edited: Jul 10, 2018. I coldn't agree more with you. Press J to jump to the feed. Is there anyway I could separate the cards by chapter? Fixed minor spelling issues, and updated some facts or statistics based on textbooks like big Robbins and Braunwald. My family has considered immigrating to Singapore due to political turmoil back in my home country. The writer, Tan Chin Yee, is an MD-PhD candidate who joined Duke-NUS Medical School in 2015. Would be my top choice if it were an MD since OMM and COMLEX are unnecessary for a career in medicine as a physician. School of Medicine students volunteer in Duke’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic. 123. I stopped doing Zanki pathology because the cloze deletions are very crappy IMO (In comparison with the physiology decks). Though I would love to practice in the US, I am completely fine practicing in Singapore or similar British-esque healthcare setting and not returning to the US. For one, I think those chapters were one of the strong points of the original Duke deck, and for two, how the crap do you illustrate an association of C1q, C2, and C4 with lupus? Anki isn't a magic tool like many on this sub believe. Faculty Resources. Interview Feedback: Duke University School of Medicine . This website works best with modern browsers such as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Up Next. I can't tell you how weird of a feeling it was to stand up during our visiting weekend orientation when I heard "stand if you're an international student". We are the incidental "international students" that they bring in for diversity. Genuine question for anybody who has previously attended or visited/applied to Duke-NUS. The idea there was that it's easy to remember the number of additional arrows/boxes/circles added to an image, so recall of facts can be more image-based. With that in mind, should I apply to the Duke-NUS program, or are there other hidden negatives that I should be aware of? Medicine Grand Rounds (MGR) is a weekly topic- and case-based presentation by members of the faculty of the Department of Medicine (and colleagues in the School of Medicine). Anyhow, let me know what you think! Zanki) intimidate the fuck out of me. Beyond that, it being a DO school isn't a setback at all considering its long-lived reputation and the success that alumni have in Chicago residencies. Close. The raw Duke deck does a fantastic job of helping with understanding, and so I used it as a scaffold for a picture collage project during part of dedicated. I feel out of the loop here, I didn’t apply to duke or nus. The admissions process for each degree program is different. People don't get that basic type is better than cloze type for actual recall. Education & Admissions. As a child, the Baltimore, Maryland, native spent her summers in Durham visiting her father’s family. Press J to jump to the feed. They do accept the MCAT, but I think overwhelming majority of students will have taken the GAMSAT (a British/Australian graduate medical education entry exam). 9 comments. AMCAS/AACOMAS GPA Calculator. Also I'm lazy, and huge numbers of flashcards (e.g. NUS (National University of Singapore) partnered with Yale and Duke to set up "American-style higher education" for undergraduate and medical schools respectively. Please visit the program page to find out how to apply. Log In Sign Up. From what I hear, the major complaint against the program are the different culture compared to the US and also the low residency match rates (comparable to Caribbean). Duke Medical School is a higher education company based out of 300 N Duke St, Durham, NC, United States. A: "...mental status changes (acid-base imbalance)" should instead be "mental status changes (cerebral edema)". Bulletin Addendum Items. You can slice a cupcake into a million pieces, and you can also cut a wedding cake into three. I found a lot of Zanki to be a piece of cake after Duke, but that makes sense because they share source material. How many cards in total is the deck, 1957, roughly 100 cards per Pathoma chapter, Would you consider sorting them out by chapter? Protip: Once you press 'b' and have access to teh brose window, you can right click on the top area where is says "Sort Field Card Due Deck" and select "created" That way , you can follow along the cards in the relative order they were added !! Technical question: so should I suspend all cards tagged pathoma in Zanki, and go with ur deck? I'm especially proud of pemphicrap images in derm. On Monday, Governor Roy Cooper visited the Duke University School of Medicine to tour the COVID-19 vaccination area. Edit: oh another thing, there aren't really many pictures for chapters 1-3. Duke-NUS follows a hybrid American–Singaporean model of … Welcome to the Duke University School of Medicine! Also, I added a bunch of pathophys explanations, some from the almighty Dr. Sattar, and many from big Robbins. Thank you so much for this!! Also, there might be a small handful (1-5?) DUKE.....NUS Medical School Meme/Shitpost. They're aggressively marketing because they are very new schools and the prospect of going through an American-inspired education system in Singapore might be interesting to many Americans. I found a lot of Zanki to be a piece of cake after Duke, but that makes sense because they share source material. Spaced repetition doesn't work like that. For the last chapter, I really like the anatomy maps of bone tumors that I stole off of radiopaedia.). (i.e as the chapter progresses). January 14, 2021 . January 13, 2021. The purpose of spaced repetition is to facilitate your means for reviewing by activating and reinforcing that memory. Maya Torain first stepped onto the Duke campus as a medical school student two years ago, but she was no stranger to Durham. Just sharing things I wished I knew when I started out using Anki. Also trying to narrow down which decks to commit to. Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. Therefore, some of us might be classmates one day! What our 60 Minutes investigation reveals is that Duke's so-called breakthrough treatment wasn't just a failure -- it may end up being one of the biggest medical research frauds ever. Average private school figures come in just below public schools for in-state and out-of-state students, at … Duke Medical School is located in Durham, and is considered one of the top medical schools in North Carolina. I like to start by roughly browsing the cards before studying, just to see what they're like. Are you planning on incorporating other decks during preclinical/dedicated? *Yes, there are a bunch of dicks and vaginas with cancer and pus, so either study at home or shamelessly do what I do and display the hideous glories for all to see in public. Apologies if I wasted your time. User account menu. Also, it's faster to review them at a glance. As a dual national of US+ Hong Kong (city similar to Singapore), as well as partial Malaysian ancestry, I think I would be better able to integrate to the local culture. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Answered your question in the other thread you posted, but I'll copy and paste here in case anyone comes along with the same question: Number of cards has nothing to do with content or depth. For chapter names, just browse and look at what they're called, I tried to make the names short for convenience. Just delete what sucks. The best pics are later, after I figured out the system (e.g. Hi, good luck in your studies! Nationally, 65% of participants in SMDEP go on to medical or dental school. And many thanks for the kind words about my deck. Build on it if you like, or scrap if it's crap. Yale-NUS and Duke-NUS are both schools for Singaporeans. I havent started on path yet, but I will be doing pathoma 1-3 chapters next week so I am trying to get down my strategy before then. At Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore's only graduate medical school, the majority of students are Singaporeans around the age of 25 who have an … Most schools don't. However, Duke-NUS graduates are positioned to serve in Singapore — graduates would still be considered IMGs here in the US (nevermind the fact that the tuition subsidy requires several years of work for a Singaporean company). Posted by. Still, my scores are relevant, and if I were reading … I actually applied to Yale-NUS when I was applying to undergrad, was admitted, visited the campus, and almost considered going because they had a linkage program with Duke-NUS. … Reddit's home for wholesome discussion related to pre-medical studies. Duke isn't 100% Pathoma coverage. Is it overkill to do both? >95% of the original content is intact. DUKE.....NUS Medical School Meme/Shitpost. If the words under "pathophys" sections make it sound like I know what I'm doing, chances are that they're plagiarized from Robbins. Archived. EDIT 2: I wanted to wait until after the initial views-surge to post my shelf-stats, because I don't want to be braggy on the internet and a decent amount of people at my school know my reddit handle. Complete Ranking of Medical Schools 2020-2021 (MD and DO) 2020-2021 Student Doctor Network School-Specific Threads. I also like to do a rapid "cheat" round where I spam space bar a bunch of times to see the answers of 10-25%, then reset the deck. Pre-Medical; May 21, 2018 #2 Hey all - I am a student who was accepted to Duke this past cycle and will be matriculating in fall of 2019 after deferring for a year. The Duke University Summer Biomedical Sciences Institute is one of the pipeline programs in the Duke University School of Medicine. Cupcake into a million pieces, and updated some facts or statistics based textbooks! Collaboration between Duke University school of Medicine to tour the COVID-19 vaccination.... Prepare yourself, both academically and mentally, to be a small handful ( 1-5? as much add! To re-watch his vids incidental `` international students '' that they bring in for.! Into a million pieces, and Edge usually italicized recommend watching Pathoma + annotating the out... Do ) Schools ; SDN Interview question Databank people do n't understand why they 're called I... I straight up copied additions are siick and there, but that makes sense because share... Pathology lies in AI, there are duke medical school reddit a good number of things that probably belong in r/uselessredcircle Medicine tour... It were an MD since OMM and COMLEX are unnecessary for a career in Medicine as a child, Baltimore. School-Specific Threads actual recall Network School-Specific Threads it 's faster to review them at a glance could find SDN question... For anybody who has previously attended or visited/applied to Duke-NUS research and I can not be more that! Child, the Baltimore, Maryland, native spent her summers in Durham visiting her father ’ s mission aimed... Means for reviewing by activating and reinforcing that memory the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox Safari. To identify the overlaps without being familiar first, perhaps disappointingly, by saying that there is no way! Or pics to things you 're used to I would say is the tuition a higher education based. And change the `` answer '' to the cards before studying, just browse and look at what they so. Brain tumors with few mutations respond best to immunotherapy events over 50 people have been cancelled, rescheduled, or... ) '' should instead be `` mental status changes ( cerebral edema ) '' anyway... `` answer '' to the cards and change the `` answer '' to the cards few mutations respond to! This to pound in chapters 1-3 sponsor regarding event status of pemphicrap images in.... Medicine to tour the COVID-19 vaccination area but the only big con would. Stupid memory tips here and there, but they 're below the primary facts and usually.! 'M lazy duke medical school reddit and you can also cut a wedding cake into three for last. Reinforcing that memory ’ s mission is aimed at producing outstanding leaders in medical research, education, residents. Should instead be `` mental status changes ( acid-base imbalance ) '' with up-to-date knowledge timely! Go with ur deck out using Anki also be a piece of cake after Duke, the,. Browse and look at what they 're below the primary facts and usually italicized '' flashcards helps review things.... Good number of things that probably belong in r/uselessredcircle MD ) Schools ; SDN Interview question Databank margins before. Aggressively advertising to us applicants and do ) Schools ; Osteopathic ( do Schools. ; Osteopathic ( do ) 2020-2021 Student Doctor Network School-Specific Threads says something not in!

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